Saturday, 10 March 2012

New blogs to adore!!

So, whilst I was listening to a teething Lady M decidedly NOT having her afternoon nap today (this despite administering baby paracetamol which, definitely does not make babies sleepy - not Lady M anyway), I decided that I would trawl the Internet for some new blogs to lurk about in. There was no point in attempting any writing with the 'oohs' and 'woof woofs' floating down the stairs to distract, so I made some green tea and settled down to some blog browsing.

And what a lovely bunch of blogs I found! Mostly foodie type affairs, they are going to make me much fatter but also, crucially, some of them promise to make me much more time rich! Hurrah - I CAN be a proper mother and wife (of the 50s variety - although, I have been led to believe that they were all vallied up to their eyeballs. Hmmm, there's something in that, no?)

 Behold, at the side of all my (distinctly lacklustre - check out the marvellous photographs on said sites) posts are now some fantastic, droolicious, time saving but not inch losing food blogs. Visit them at your waistbands peril. (But, seriously now, visit them. Waistband be screwed).

Already I have marked up cottage pancakes from 101 Cookbooks , green smoothies from The Stone Soup , these Miso cookies and also these amazing beauties which I think even my doughnut hating (wtf is that about? Even Krispie Kremes, people!) friend, Marina, will like. Those last two sumptuous blogs come by way of the beautifully presented The Kitchen Maid.

I am not jealous of these sites at all. No, not me. Green-eyed monster - never! However, these may very well take over from my extensive Nigella library as my go-to for food porn. I will be bookmarking furiously, sat up in bed, with my net book, pretending to be editing or researching or whatever when, really, what I will be doing is salivating over glorious photos of all sorts of food. Remember when I said I wanted to lose some weight this year - thank God I just purchased Dance Central and Your Fitness on X-Box Kinect...

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