Friday, 9 March 2012

I'm an Auntie!!!

My perfect, tiny, beautiful niece was born this week! A few days early, she put my sister through a rather long labour but both are doing really well and Lady M and I rushed down to see her almost as soon as we heard the news. I have to admit that Lady M wasn't particularly interested in her teeny bundle of new cousin but that's probably a good thing as she isn't the most gentle of toddlers.

I had a cuddle at the hospital but the new parents were so inundated with visitors when they got home, I thought it best to stick to getting tea and tidying up so my sister could relax a little. I remember how as a new mum, even though you're absolutely exhausted, you want to show off your new baby and unfortunately that does involve being a hostess. Everyone is so entranced with this unbelievably gorgeous new person, that they forget that the mother is completely shattered, probably really sore and in dire need of some looking after.

When my cousin came over to meet Lady M for the first time, I remember being so incredibly grateful that she insisted on getting her own cup of tea. She even did the washing up for me - what a star! It's all too easy to concentrate all your attention on the baby when, truly, the mother needs a bit of attention and pampering too (if you can call letting the new mummy relax whilst you get yourself and her a drink being pampered!). Still, I had my cousin for that and my sister had me, so I'm glad I had had the experience of being looked after by a guest so that I could pay it forward.

OOPS! I must have saved this post instead of publishing it... so this is last weeks post!

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