Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas E-book Giveaway!

There's some really cool stuff going on in the blogging world - Christmas themed of course!

One of the best of these festive ideas is Sally Poyton's 'A book in every stocking' campaign. Having always been a bookworm (resulting in glasses at age 11 for overgrown eye muscles [or something like that, optical people, help me out!]), it is no surprise to anyone who knows me in the slightest that this is something I will enthusiastically get behind. 

 Credit: Sally Poyton

Lady M has almost as many books as me and she's only just hit the tender (tender? More like awe-inspiring in her capacity for creating disorder) age of 2. Still, the book gathering is slowing down due to the outrageous price of books here in Australia. *sigh* Can anybody explain why books are so extortionately priced here? Thank God for The Book Depository, I say....

I don't think, despite the above proclamations, that I have any books for Christmas but then, that's not really up to me, is it? That's up to my present givers.

However, I am partaking in the Christmas bookish spirit by giving away, thanks to the lovely Talli Roland, a Kindle copy of the wonderful Christmas Novella, Mistletoe in Manhattan. to one lucky commenter.

Mistletoe in Manhattan
Credit:Talli Roland
All you need to do is leave a festive comment here in the next couple of days and I will literally pick a name out of one of Lady M's sun hats on Boxing Day so that the winner can curl up in a corner and read this charming and funny story whilst recovering from the excesses of Christmas Day.  

So, having exhausted myself trying to buy a 2kg ham (impossible apparently) and settled on roast beef for Christmas Day, I am off to wrap presents, make a Buche de Noel and drink rum-infused eggnog in preparation for a very (non) traditional Christmas Eve feast of cheesy, beany nachos with all the trimmings, cos that's just how we roll in this house. 


Christmas Tree 4


  1. Merry Christmas! Would love to win this book!

  2. A book in every stocking is a great campaign - hope you got at least one book!