Friday, 4 November 2011

Birthdays, book pitches and battered thumbs

So, Lady M is a  year old now!! This year has gone way too quickly. I haven't written a word in the special Moleskine notebook I purchased especially for recording all her first year moments, nor have I made prints of her hands and feet like I meant to. 

Speaking of things I haven't done - 
  • I am 5,200 words behind on NaNoWriMo
  • I still need to write a short and a long pitch for Rock-a-Lillie
  • I have two loads of washing which need drying
  • I need to email the Abingdon Writers regarding the next meeting
  • I have to read 'The Night Circus' by Tuesday late afternoon
What have I been doing with my Millie-free time then? Watching Doctor Who (season three), clearing space on our Humax (it is now down to a tolerable 25% full), organising the next NCT newsletter for the Abingdon branch, eating too much... Ummm. Yeah, that's not very productive, is it? Oh, I have made birthday cake and a pumpkin pie for the family extravaganza that will be Lady M's big birthday bash!

I did grate my thumb yesterday though, which is a sort of excuse, maybe. Properly grated, nail and everything. It was painful. Very painful. The Chardmeister damaged his thumb yesterday too. I'm just taking empathy to a whole new level. 

Anyway, I suppose I should make a choice - either I need to work on my pitches OR I need to continue on with the NaNoWriMo novel. Maybe I'll write a long pitch, reward myself with some NaNoWriMo writing and then attempt a short pitch tomorrow. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea - some 'work' followed by some 'fun'. But first, a cupcake I think. I need the sugar. Honest. 

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