Monday, 14 November 2011

I think I need new glasses...

They literally just fell off my face and onto my laptop, clattering into my tumbler of wine and making such a racket, the Chardmeister looked up from his game of zombies (some Xbox game thing). This is a rare occurrence - the looking up not the glasses coming off my face. I think these glasses could well be more than 6 or 7 years old. Time for a new pair? Perhaps. Do I have the actual time required to shop for a new pair? Definitely not. On account of my very narrow face, I struggle to find glasses that don't make me look like a fly. True story. Hence the fact that my current pair are so old; I really can't bear the thought of having to spend time trying on glasses in the kids department again.

On a more cheery note, Abingdon Writers had a good meeting last week - very productive. We have:
  • decided to hold an event at Mostly books earlyish next year
  • persuaded one of our members (a writer and an artist - deadly combination! Check out her website here) to create a flyer for us to put up in bookish type places
  • made the decision to make our blog public
  • discovered that we really should be keeping tabs on debut authors. Elementary, you might say. Yes, it probably should be but with kids, food shopping, housework, cooking, writing, editing, trying to have some sort of social life (mostly revolving around books. Tragique, moi?) and maintaining a reasonable level of personal hygiene, keeping a half closed eye out for publishing trends can easily be swept to the side with stuff like sending birthday and anniversary cards on time or remembering that you were supposed to phone your mum/sister/friend/the doctors/anybody really.
Following on from that meeting, which was a meeting to discuss boosting attendance numbers amongst other things (I had to leave half way through. Ironic, no?), I had a very productive dinner with two writing buddies where I stole one of my friends possible future life paths for a new novel and got the other one to judge the first ever writing competition for Abingdon Writers. There are real prizes (good ones too), which I will definitely not win one of seeing as I am rubbish at telling stories in less than 80,000 words. BUT, it will be a good writing exercise and will hopefully reinvigorate any of us who are mired in the murky depths of editing. Or stuck writing for NaNoWriMo. 

I'm supposed to have written 21,666 words but have only managed 3,000. Hmmm. That's really not good. There is a tiny spark of light though - the Chardmeister may be off work this week so he can look after Lady M for a couple of days whilst I attempt to catch up. Now that I have a real storyline to work off of, I think it can be done. No, I know it can be done. Must be positive and start believing in myself (and stop watching so much TV. When E4 finishes showing 'Greek' I think I'll be in a much better position for writing. No self control but some self awareness. It's a start).



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