Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lady M calls me mama!

Finally, after eighteen months of looking after her day in and day out, Lady M has deigned to learn to say 'mama.' Hurrah.

Also finally, after five weeks of being incommunicado, I have some time to write a post. Let me catch you up on what I have been doing these last few weeks.
  • Clearing out a phenomenal amount of crap from the loft/under our bed/the shed
  • taking aforementioned crap to charity shops after trying to flog it at a car boot sale
  • deciding on what to ship to Australia where we are going to potentially live FOREVER
  • Finalising accommodation, hire cars, etc for our first few weeks in Australia
  • going out for goodbye dinners with various groups of friends
  • deciding to collaborate on a YA murder mystery novel with a friend
  • not getting into the top twenty for the Novelicious competition (big congratulations to everyone who did - I am definitely going to vote when the time comes!)
  • Closing down accounts/cards/financial type stuff
  • getting my head around the fact that we now live (albeit temporarily) with my parents
  • Joining a gym and actually going to some classes now that I have a built in baby sitting service in the form of Lady M's lovely Grandpa (or, as she calls him, Pompa)
  • Desperately trying to cram in reading time so that I can return all my library books before we leave the country
So, you know, I've been busy. And I really can't make much (blog wise) out of what I've been doing either. Unless you want tips on moving country or back home with your parents when you have a toddler in tow and you're in your thirties. 

I can say that it is tough living out of suitcases for any longer than two weeks (although even on the shittiest package holiday you get more than a tiny drawer and several hangers to hook over a wardrobe) BUT it is amazing not having to cook every night, especially if your mum cooks as well as mine does. 

And now we are in France with my entire immediate family. And it has been not very good weather. Being used to lots of time with just Lady M for company, I am finding it difficult to be around so many people, especially stuck inside the house most of the time. I had started reading 'Q' but it is impossible to concentrate with so many arguments discussions going on so I'm glad I brought my Kindle along with lots of easy-to-read stuff on it. My Goodreads Challenge 2012 is looking pretty damned good at the moment! Which reminds me, I must update that now too...

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