Friday, 3 February 2012

It's waaaaay too cold to write a query letter

I don't think my brain really functions properly in cold weather. My fingers certainly don't and I can't afford to have the heating on during the day (don't worry, Lady M is dressed up like an Alaskan tree surgeon in the dead of winter). 
Still, I have struggled on towards my goal of SUBMISSION. 

I had a list (of course) of submission to-dos:
  • write a 25 word hook
  • write a query letter pitch paragraph
  • write a one page synopsis
  • write a two page synopsis
  • write a writer bio paragraph (this was woefully short - a sentence. And a short one at that.)
  • Print out and do a FINAL edit on first three chapters
  • Decide on three agents to submit to
Phew. Note how many have been crossed out - yay me! Just a final run through of the first three chapters and I will be ready to go. Well, the actual physical product will be ready to go, I will not. I doubt that I will ever be ready to go but with my fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed and my hair in a thousand plaits, I will hit the send button on Monday, having spent some of the weekend editing those chapters. 

However, I do have a rather busy weekend ahead of me. I'm seeing Russell Kane tomorrow night, taking Lady M to the grandparents on Saturday to co-host my sister's baby shower (for which I will be spending much of tomorrow baking), spending the night and then coming home early(ish) so that I can go and usher a dance performance at Didcot's Cornerstone Art Centre. Hmmm. That leaves very little time for editing. Better get a move on then really, hadn't I...

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