Friday, 30 December 2011


Oh dear. I've been very lax with the ole blog this month. I blame Christmas. It doesn't half take up a lot of time. Researching presents (a printer for my dad), buying presents, baking Christmassy goodies, writing cards, doing the Christmas visits, wrapping presents (this seems to take an extraordinarily long time for some reason and I didn't even go all Kirstie on them...). It was never ending. 

Anyway, now that it's all over for another year (almost - there's still New Year and taking down all the decs and cards), I might, just might, have time to finish that final edit. And then, I will finally start submissions. Scary. 

I'm hopefully off to see Sherlock Holmes 2 later on. I adore Robert Downey Jr so am looking forward to it immensely. I watched Tropic Thunder yesterday - well, I say watched. I'm sure there is a name for it that some clever young person has come up with - I skipped through all the boring bits to the good stuff. So, I basically watched the RD Jr bits and the hilariously brilliant Tom Cruise bits. That man seriously redeemed himself with his portrayal of the fantastically loathsome Les Grossman. I particularly love his dancing. Genius. 

So, now I am just listening to my father-in-law and the Chardmeister trying to clear up my old laptop which runs at the speed of a snail. Maybe they'll get it to run faster, maybe not. I don't really care too much as I use my netbook all the time. The old laptop is a beast of a Dell - it weighs more than Lady M  and takes an eon to load anything. Doing the NCT newsletter on it via MS Publisher is quite the frustrating chore. But now, thanks to my wonderful brother, I can load MS Office onto my netbook using my new external CD drive - yay! 

Ooh, looks like they are wrapping up - better get my coat and boots on ready for a quick trip to Oxford to buy some notebooks and spend my £5 Warehouse voucher plus some Next gift cards me and Lady M received for Christmas. And perhaps a Starbucks skinny Chai Latte for the way home - yum.

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